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February 1, 2010
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Daily365 February_1 by darkcath Daily365 February_1 by darkcath
The first entry for February!

Our dear `Helewidis asked me if I could design a logo for this blog she runs with her friend. It’s a really nice challenge cause they’re still so many issues around “what’s bi” and “who’s bi”.

I did some research and then I read their blog. So today I was hearing the legendary music of Michael Jackson “Black or White” and like it the lyric says “it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white”.


That’s what these two girls are trying to do: to show the world the meaning of being bi and that it really doesn’t matter if you’re bi. The idea of an open mind and open eyes came to my head and this is the result. I wanted it to work on black and white also and that was the difficult part.

And this is my first idea for the blog. Critics and new ideas are always more than welcome!


I accepted this challenge for a whole year, let's see how it goes and if I can make it! This is just something I've been doing everyday daily for 20 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less, but who's counting? Sometimes the result is ok, others it's not, but in the end I think the result will be funny overall! I decided to share the entries here also for more feedback and critiques.

Check the blog here: Everyday DZN
Helewidis Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010   Photographer
:glomp: obrigada mais uma vez!!! :love:
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